... or something to that effect.

I am ... alone!

The whole place is empty. I'm supposed to be working, but the trouble is, of course that I don't really know what to do and there's no one here to tell me so ...

I have time to do this!


Last weekend I had a little job related outing. The loverly people at Maandag show us once a year how much they appreciate us and the money we rake in for the company by hiring off some big hall and stuffing 4000 of us in there along with some food and drink and some "musical" acts. They do know how to spend their cash. They got a bit of class so it's all pretty okay.

Anyway ... last friday, Heineken Music Hall, Blof. And it was fun. they're not really my thing but they did manage to coax a bit of a smile on my face so it's all good. Plus, my sis wanted to see them so I had to turn up anyway. She wouldn't get in otherwise (I have that much power, you know).

The weirdest thing though ... there was this awesome light/laser/fireworks show ... accompanied by hornblowers. Who were blowing pieces of Star Wars music. Now, I don't quite know what that is supposed to convey to the listeners ... we have the force? We have a Death Star? Our president has a breathing problem? You are our clones? The implications are baffling ...

Also. There was Gerrit. The Maandag dancer. A fellow, slightly ... rotund. Corpulent, if you will ... fat. Basically, slightly pudgy around the edges. In a suit. Doing electric boogie (rather well, actually, in as far as I'm a judge) ... but it was a weird moment. Of the evening. Of my life. The guy just danced for about 3 minutes. Just ... danced. Weird.

No explanation was given as to how or why this happened but it happened. And we have to carry on living in spite of it.

Afterwards there were the kind words of some fucker in a tie and, yes, public speaking is a torture.

And then Blôf and then home. All-in-all a good evening and I had loads of fun with my sis too. Which is good! I have however, offered my services to Maandag in selecting next year's band. So far ... no response. But I have high hopes ...

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