At least, I think they're in order. As it turns out the Netherlands are still the world's foremost producer of XTC! Every country has its talents but it's nice to, as a nation, get the recognition we so deeply deserve. Certainly if it is in a field that is so close to dutch people's hearts, namely, recreational drugs.

It's a proud moment for me.

There is some reason for concern since it seems that the amounts of drugs produced seem to be on the decrease. I'm sure however, that with a concerted effort we can turn this malicious tendency right around!

In other news: to my great shock, this morning, the Spits (a free rag mag calling itself 'newspaper') afforded half a page to NFL related news. One column to the season ending injury incurred by Tom Brady (goddamnit) and the remaining space to ... guess!!!

Favre? Pennington? The Colts losing? The interesting games played by the Saints or the Giants?The prospects of the Patriots? ... No! Of course not! How silly of me!

They gave that limited space to ... The Bengals! the wholly uninteresting, not performing at all well Bengals and their idiot receiver Chad Ocho Cinqo. Man ... an exciting first week and they manage to pick out the team that sucked to do a piece on.

It's rather depressing, I have to say. Oh well ... I suppose I should be happy that there is attention at all over here.

In more other news: we're still here! CERN did not blow us up. So far. Isn't that good? You have to wonder about scientists, though ... there was another moment like this, a few years ago. Scientists were at one point unsure whether a detonated nuclear bomb would just go 'boom'(* etc.etc.) or whether it could set the atmosphere on fire. Now, we know that doesn't happen. But we only know that because the morons went ahead and tried it. Now, if there is the slightest possibility of, you know, killing of all life on the planet, would you ... a. push the button, or ...
b. piss off to the pub and become a brick-layer

It seems so obvious.

I suspect that the thinking was that if the atmosphere were to be burned away it would at least be done by an american bomb so it would still count as a 'moral' victory.


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