So ...

... the iPod is finished.

It was a huge battle and in the end I prevailed. The breaking point was when I finally figured out how to add images to albums. Now I have everything sorted, everything in, pictures to go with it ... lovely.

A couple of things that stand out:

- When you stuff every CD you own into a little black box you really get to see progress. In my case 400 CD's. Made tiny. It makes you reconsider your interior design. Cubboards and stuff ...
- My iPod still has 100G empty. In my imagination this means that all my albums are in there with enough room left over for a good football tournement. Of course ... what kind of football the albums can never decide on so it'll probably all degrade into a bloody mess of musical chairs and half-eaten tunes ... but at least they'll have fun.
- It's wonderful to have everything at my fingertips. Consider: every album was bought at a time in my life. Some have memories. And sometimes my memory gets jogged. And then it's nice to actually be able to listen to the music. And usually decide that time was unfavourable. Long past it's sell-by date. But at least ... I can!

I'm happy.

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