No ...

... Bones about it. I'm slightly insulted.

Saw an episode of Bones a few days back. Pure by coincidence, I'm not in the habit of watching. My girl likes the show and to be honest, there's a lot to be liked. The science seems, well, a bit speeded up, of course, and honestly, some of the computer image things they do seem so much bull, but, you know ... that's okay. It's not Mythbusters. The main characters seem to work and it's nice to see David Boreanas working again. Although Angel was infinitly better, of course. So, all in all, I have little quarrel with the show.

However, in last week's episode the murder had taken place amongst black metal musicians. And of course those were portayed as rude and loud and dumb and looking for a conviction to help their streetcred and it was all just so ... insulting. Maybe not the worst possible depiction, thanks to an authorative voice which gave some nuances, but still people just don't want to hear that musicians of this type do not walk around in permanent face make-up, do not terrorise their neighbours and do in fact compose, rehearse and play and then just go home to a wife and kids and often, very often, to a dayjob to pay the bills.

It takes skill to play such music. And it takes a lot of determination to keep at it if the whole world seems not to care and seems to hate what you do. A hint of respect would have been appreciated.

The only friendly voice in the show was that of Stephen Fry. Someone got him a job on the show as a psychiatrist and he was marvelous. Hearing him rattle of sub-genres of metal was just ... extatic. He brought some much needed nuance to the fore.

Still, you come away with the impression that this music is for the stupid, the young and the violent. And that's just an old tune.

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