It's, like, winter, man.

And judging from the way public transport has ground to a complete crawl if not an outright stop you'd figure the dutchies have never actually seen a winter to be discontent in. We're talking about a country that has a significant slice of culture invested in stringy men and women skating impossible distances across frozen lakes and waterways (unbelieveable to others: one belgian gentleman once tried to enroll himself in the 11 stedentocht and tried to book 11 hotels along the way, thinking that such insane distances between cities were naturally skated across 11 days) but five centimeters of snow and the trains stop. In and of itself this is not the worst bit, however. The WORST bit is that when a train happens to be available for travel unexpectedly the announcer immediately does a happy-commercial-style-propaganda-dick-move and calls it an EXTRA train.

So, they yanked 99 trains from the schedule but the one we have managed to make run, we'll call that our happy-making EXTRA train.

One wonders, though slightly prompted, how they manage trainservices in Austria and Switserland. Very much on schedule, presumably.

Anyway, Christmas coming soon. That's nice. tree is up, pressies underneath, Kamiel is coming, live's good.

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