Ah ...

... something else. Today, the front page of one of the free papers out here carried a picture of some iranian men who were hanged by the neck until dead for undisclosed crimes 'to improve the safety of Iran'. I think we can easily establish that the death penalty is inhumane and pointless as a deterent against crime. No one has the right to take life from other people. And a state should not be exempt from that.

That's one.

The second is that I found the blatant front picture very shocking ... well, actually, it wasn't the front page, I lied. The front page was a page-sized advert for sloggi underwear. There were loads of arses in it. You turned that page and then you looked at dead muslims. The irony was not lost on.

I do feel that you shouldn't just fling these pictures on the (nearly) front page. It's disrespectful and potential harmful. Previously, some things were just not shown and maybe that wasn't suh a bad idea ...

I am currently reading Executioner: Pierrepoint. That probably has something to do with my feelings as well.

It's a good book, though. Honest. I appreciate that.

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