What ho ...

Anyway, we're going to Copenhagen. Not the first time for me. However, we're going by plane which for some strange reason grips me with abject terror. I think it's now well and truly established that I do not do so well on ships but apparantly airplanes too hold a special little place in my heart ... I think it's the up and down motion. I don't do well in 3D.

We'll see. Denmark was fun the last time, though. But I had someone with me who could actually speak the language. Now we're going to have to try to establish some sort of relationship with the natives in one of 3 1/2 languages and with our hands and feet. We'll see ... really have to check what's up in Denmark ...


Work is still boring. that will be all.

I'm doing some 'painting' again. I'll see whether I'm willing to put up pictures ... they're different. And I'm slightly uncomfortable.

Uhm ... so ... how about that local sportsteam?

Also: check out what Billie Piper was doing whilst away from Dr.Who ...


Piper ... it's a dutch joke.

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