Girlfriend ...

... and me whilst in bed, discussed the possibilities of turning the titles of a certain gentleman's plays into the titles of hardcore porn vids. Now, I was semi-unconscious so, you know, I'll try to delve some up. Because It was really funny at the time.

To me.

And her.

Whilst falling asleep.

That was a disclaimer.

Oddly stated.


Two Gentle men and Verona
The Screwing of the Tamed (BDSM, obviously.)
Titus Androgynus (tranny film.)
The Cumedy of Eros
Love's Labours (pretty obvious, I'd say.)
A Midsummer Night's Cream (or Scream, if you like stuff less ... obvious or disgusting.)
Romeo and Juliet and Janice and Sandra and Elizabeth and Susan and Lucy and ... (gangbang.)
King Kong John (large willies are go!)
The Merchant of Penice (gay erotica, anyone?)
The Merry Wives of Windsor (really don't need to alter that.)
Much Ado About Mounting
Julius Kezer (works only in dutch, I'm afraid.)
Ass; You Like It! (like this one best.)
Hav'slet (sort of ... not very good.)
Twelfth Knight (suggested by my lady, as I recall. Another gangbang.)
Toilus and Cressid's ass
Measure for Measure (another one where the title is awful enough already. I leave it to your own ideas what's to be measured.)
O! Thello ... (the boy Thello is followed whilst he brings pleasure to the masses ... the title is a catchphrase ...)
All's Well That Ends Well (allround description of good sex for a man, I think.)
Macbef (another dutchy one)
Anthonio and Clitopatra
Pericl'ass, Prince of Tight
Coriolanus (we all giggled at that one already, right?)
Winter's Tail (hot babes in warm clothing. And then out of it.)
Cum-in-a-belle (more of a mispronounced anagram.)
The Tempestuous
Henry the VIIIth inches

Anyway. It was late ...

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