Thus ...

... it went: different anti biotics because the first set just didn't work. At all. Also: I got wrapped.

Apparently, and this is very hush-hush, tibetan monks invested months of language-barrier-complicated months into learning the doctor's assistents the ancient and true secret of Wrapping A Leg What Has Become Infected ... at least that's what the lady sort of suggested, not so much in word but glaringly in action. My girlfriend is not allowed to do the bandages because them's special ... very ... nah. So, I'm wrapped up, which is bad. It feels like being part of an hourglass. Whenever you stand on the leg everything just flows into the lower half and this hurts.

Rest of the day: WoW. Running around to get exploration achievements. It's ... a weird thing. It's like racing to get to your holiday destination ...

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Daenerys said...

Is it too late to wish you well and betterness?

I am also running around, in MIddle Earth, not so much for the Deeds (the original 'achievements', though warg-killing is leading up to that), but also to do some touristy things like having my picture taken near some cool arches :)

Be more of a tourist, it's fun.