I am declared 'well'. Or as well as I'll ever be, right? Thanks to the ministrations of several doctors, several doctor's assistants (also known as: tibetan mummy wrappers) and last but not least my girlfriend, I am once again healthy. And I was at work today. Yippie.

Anyway. Bump has nearly gone. Now I have to get this weakness out of my body and I'll be better! New and improved!

God, I hate illness.

And Obama got elected. This is a good thing for the world. If only because it's not George Bush. It will be a while though, before I trust the USA again. After all ... they elected Bush. It's going to take some apologies before I'll even answer the phone again if they call. Because they chose Bush. And he managed to get to the end of his term. Without getting shot.

Still ... it's nice. You know ... for them. And hopefully for the world.

And I never want to see Palin again. She is scary beyond all reason.

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