Sinterklaas has arrived.

That was important news, people. I just have this nagging problem: is it cruel to let a child believe in a ficticious character for so long until you or someone tells them the truth? Isn't the deception a little much? I'm just not sure ... Anyway. My girl is watching the arrival right now. One has to compliment the TV people for doing such a wonderful job each year. It's still quite a production involving a town, a harbour, a huge boat (100 years old!), many many people, a huge number of actors and several .... Burgemeesters. It's a large happening. Impressive.

I'm back at work and back to sports. We are, however, still not feeling all that great. I still can't make it through a complete saturday of sports. My wise girlfriend tells me that this is to be expected but somehow I still manage to feel like a slacker. This will improve with time. I'm sure.

Wrath Of The Litch King dropped. We are pleased. Things are looking great and I'm ranking somewhat again. Happy!

In the mean time I have had dinner with my friend Anna ... well, dinner ... for some strange reason we always end up walking imense distances in the city and we eat at the MacDonalds. Sophistication is for wankers. She disagrees with me on Damien Hirst's skull. This error in her ways we forgive her. We have to. She's nice.

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