And ...

... Christmas is a wrap!

We had fun, though ... Food and drink and presents and Kamiel. I like Christmas. I look forward to it. From about october on, actually ... One of those things. It's one of those annual things we hold dear even if I'm currently not affiliated with any imaginary friend associated with the birth of the Christ. My christmasses are a pagan affair this time with heathen scandinavian food, or something.

Currently back at work. Funny how the trains are totally deserted these days. It's like, a holiday, or something.

Through all the preperations and eating and general lack of doing anything really active this week (although Aikido went on, business as usual ... go, Chris, go!) I have to say that I'm now relatively exhausted. But I've got a thing again tomorrow. It's going to be ... a thing. What do you do? It's family.

I hope to leave 2008 with as many appandages and sensory tools as I went in to it. However, should the worst come to happen I have already discussed the merrits of glass eyes with Süüsje. I sincerely hope it doesn't get to that stage, though. It must have been a weird discussion to have. It made sense to me, at least, but, to be honest, I was having a bit of a headache at the time. My point was that I really don't see the point of replacing an eye you lost with a duplicate of the aforementioned eye. It would be fake and would only serve to remind me of what I would have lost. I think I'd go for an unconventional choice., Do something really insane, like a monochrome glass ball, in stead of a fake eye. The argument that it might be less upsetting to society if you would take the perfect replica I don't find very convincing. In the end it's my face. Society can go fuck itself.

Well, maybe an eye patch if the situation really demands it.

Also: Patriots, 11-5, no play off season. Chargers, 8-8, play off season! There is no justice.

That said: the teams I like in the play offs are: Chargers (grumble) but I want to see those two running backs finally become great. Ravens ... because they're called Ravens. Falcons ... because they're called Falcons. Eagles because they handed the Cowboys their hats, which was fun. For me. Not for the Cowboys. Vikings. Because they're called ... and because I like watching Adran Peterson.

So, that said ... some bloody Manning will probably win in the end.

Also, the Steelers have a nice coach, he reminds me of Foreman from House, M.D. I just don't like the Steelers much. Hines Ward broke someone's jaw and sort of laughed it off. Yukkie.

Also, also, ... I really don't like the NY Giants'coach. That man reminds me of the old cliché of the grumpy old man with a shotgun that threatens people so that they will get off his lawn. Grumpy person. That he got a loss at the hands of the Vikings was ... good.

Oh ... I almost forgot: Doctor Who on the 1st! Wasn't Tennant dreamy?!?! A clever story and with clever twists and a lot of cyberpunk stuff thrown in for fun. I liked it. My girl thinks that lately the christmas specials are too serious and not laugh-out-loud funny. But her frame of reference was the very first one with the introduction of the skinny boy in a suit, and let's face it, that was hilarious. Fast-paced, ridiculous dialogue, Lion King, blood control, over the top swordfight ... fantastic! Hard to top that. But this was a classic Doctor Who affair and one well appreciated. Whatever the girlfriend&critic say ...

Very curious as to what the future brings for the franchise. Doctor Who and The Planet of the Dead. Scary ...

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