... I'm at 'R'. Also, I seem to go to another Amsterdam museum today. I feel so cultural ... of course, as I say this, I'm gearing up to shift Rammstein into iTunes, so I might be the last person to ask anything on the subject of culture.

... I seem to have lost the name of the museum ...

Anyway. That was embarrassing.

Yesterday I witnessed the breakdown of communication between my roommates at work over the purchase of an amount of pens. Instead of just, you know, ordering a few boxes, someone wanted to know the exact amount of pens that were needed ... I suppose you have to be a little precise to do this job. But there ought to be limits.

... not a classic anecdote as such.

Someone got mad and annoyed yesterday because I dared disturb him by doing my job? Is that better story material?

... it really isn't. I need to get a better quality of stories ...

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