So ...

... anyway. Currently my girlfriend is in Limburg. Now, I don't really know anyone who would go there voluntairily either but there you go. It's a work thing. She has the esteemed role of being leader to a gaggle of tiny humans whom shall be henceforth known as 'her students'. Yeah. I wouldn't either. Luckily everything is going great.

First night one of the little ducklings managed to nearly sever his tendons in his right arm by walking into a door with a glass in his hand. Fortunately for this IDIOT, LUNATIC, WASTE OF BRAIN everything could be fixed up right sweet by the local ER docs. So, you know, he can continue to draw. It seems that a decent grip on things, such as a pencil, is necessary if you want to make that your career.

Artsy types. Fucking flakes.

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