Ahum ...

... so anyway, we just had a little break from our usual schedule. We went into a little reserve somewhere in some place somewhere, where is really not important, as we hardly came out of our bungalow, really, only to swim and eat and it was ... fairly peaceful. Now, well, tomorrow I have to work again, my girl is already at work, and I really have to find a cure for that mindnumbing dread I have for going back to work.

Oh well ...

I see that the commercials in the side bar display weird belief systems again. Oddly enough ... when I finally get them steered away from figments of the imagination I sort of, kind of miss them. It's like a fairly comforting fairytale off to the side. The fact that idiocy abounds means that there will always be something to laugh at.

Look at this:

Christ-The hunger for Him
And the adoring of Him. Everything He can do for Man and Woman.

That just looks obscene.

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