Rereading ...

... Harry Potter. Again. Still worth it. Odly melancholic business though. I think back on when the book was new and I had all that wonderful stuff still in front of me. And I think back on my own schooldays and the start of the school year and so on and so on. And how old I'm now and stuff. Fucking depressing, really.

Still, the book is good. Brilliant even. I think I have a bit of an issue with number seven, though. It gets a bit heavy handed on the christian imagery and stuff. Saviours returning from death. A kindly bearded fellow in heaven. Attempts at forgiveness for the evil-doers ... stuff like that. I hate C.S.Lewis for that shit so I can't really let Rowling get away with it. But, to be honest, she has written books which are just so much better than anything in the Narnia series so we'll forgive her a lot more.

And I don't like it that Rowling used real world quotes as epigrams to the book. I find it akin to breaking the fourth wall. I think she ought to have been able to come up with somethig to express the same feelings on her own.

All that, however, is six books away. Right now it seems that life is difficult enough with Fluffy on a trapdoor ....

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