Today ...

... is the day!

Well, one of the days. But mostly, it's THE day.

Now, I have to explain. Although I think my girlfriend got it in one go. But then again ... she's my girlfriend.

Today Francisco has his birthday. This is a good thing. We like him and therefore we like his continued existance. Also ... there will be BBQ. Now ... in his family it's not so much a meal as it is an art form. It has been studied, carefully planned and after the studying and the planning they become commited. It's fairly awesome to watch Chico carefully building a pyramid of coal just so, you know. It's a thing of beauty.

Therefore it's the day. His birthday. Also one of two days in the year I shall freely and unreservedly consume meat from an outdoor grill without worrying and with relish and enjoyment.

Yes. There will be relish!

(The second day will be when he celebrates again in the weekend.)

Happy birthday, Chico. We're looking forward to it.

Also, yesterday, I finally became VIP with something! Yay! In recognition to the hundreds of euros I spend at Fame recordstore I'm now and forever a VIP member. Special sales day, here I come!

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