So ...

... another day, another meh.

However, this day, I shall spend considerable time with Anna, whom we love. And I'll end up walking miles and miles and eating at McDonalds and stuff. This is a good thing! Anything before that is a matter of extreme meh-ness.

I'm experimenting with more layers of colour in my spraypaint paintings. I really enjoy creating them, especially the set of four paintings I did for mummie-in-law's birthday of her four kids. But ultimately there is, I feel, very little of me in those paintings. It essentially gets done by the computer and I'll just cut it out. Sure, some decisions are made by me but not enough I feel. therefore: a new layer. I'm trying to do the computer thing, obviously because the results are convincing, but I'm trying to create a second stencil on the basis of the actual photo from which I'll work,highlighting other stuff ... we'll see how that goes.

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