Waaaaa ...

... Football season is almost over!

Just the one game left. Granted, it's the Superbowl, but it's still the last one. Afterwards I will really have to adjust again. Football will be minimised to scouring the 'net looking for the latest news and updates on who goes where and why and what and so on. It's been fun. though, this year. Saw some nifty sports ... Vikings, Saints, Ravens, Eagles all did well ... Pats managed to get back in the pplay-offs ... Good times. Curious to see what will happen next season.

The weekend was done away with in cleaning and shopping and stuuf and helping my girlfriend with her work and her Wow. Did manage to do some cutting and stuff for a future painting. But let's face it ... the weather is ridiculously wet and nothing will dry outside. I managed to do a little test something yesterday afternoon but as far as I can tell the paint I sprayed on it didn't so much dry as it froze up. Result is the same, painting was ugly, but it's okay, as I used an old 'canvas'. No hope lost and something new learned. Yes, even from a negative one can learn stuff ...

I'm so amazingly bored it's sickening.

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