Okay ...

... I'm witnessing a phone convo, not by choice, it's close to my workspace, were the religious nut I mentioned yesterday is talking about how difficult it is to explain to people in french that according to the bible (blabla some quote) in the end times people are not open to compromise anymore.

A. The end times? Seriously? As in ... the Rapture?
B. People never were (see, for example WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Israƫl ... )
C. Religion makes me uncomfortable. As in ... wave-at-your-idiot-neighbour-and-pray-to-god-that-he-doesn't-come-over uncomfortable.

With hindsight I could have written that up better somehow. But the point still stands ...

Did find this, though, made me smile:


Kosher scotch! How cool is that?

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