In the past couple of days I got new glasses, we went to the zoo and I have trained today. Oh ... and we finally saw happy feet. And Primer.

The new glasses were necessary, but they turn out to be a real challenge. For the first time I have a cylinder put into my glasses and it fucks you over ... but good. As a result I spent an awful lot of time swaying around and being tired when we got to the zoo the day after that. We had me mum and dad with, so it was fun for the whole family. But it was tiring.

Happy Feet is awesome, as everyone already knew ... we are sort of late. Primer is a good thriller. But for the life of me I couldn't tell you what it was about. I'd suggest to you that you go out and find it and then watch it and then be utterly stunned. We turned to eachother towards the end and said, practically in unison ... "What?"

Seriously, THAT good.

... and in training there was this endless discussion about men being gay and spinning bottles around or something. This is what you get when on the road there you listen to some old irish ditty in which the word 'gay' has a completely different meaning. Still ... in Ireland men apparently are gay as long as the bottle goes around. So, time your ...

I won't finish that sentence.

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