So ...

I'm currently at work. It is not surprising, therefore, that I have the time to enter this short piece of prose into the world.

I'm currently listening to Tristania. That is not interesting as such, though fun for me. The interesting thing is that until a few minutes ago was trying to locate people from my old school. For some strange reason felt a sudden urge to search of people which I haven't seen since the early nineties. Honestly, I have no wish to see most of these people again, not ever ... (maybe not all of them but certainly a load of them were utter bastards) ... but I just wanted to know, you know. So, I searched on Hyves which helped me get exactly 0 hits. ZERO!

Is my generation just not interested? Don't we care about the fates of people we spend so much time with in various nefarious enterprises in classrooms and other, more effective halls of learning like the corridors of our monumental school?

In other words: I can't but conclude that all my former classmates failed miserable at life, because they seem unable to even afford a computer. This I take to be totally good news (cf. ll. 7-8). However for the people I did know and liked (Ingrid Klooster, Lonneke Wisman, Conny van Regteren, Diane Korver, Gineke Jansen, Anouk van Hinten ... maybe a few others ... (I don't know)(can't remember)(sorry)) ... I hope for a swift reversal of your possible ill fortunes. Oh ... and get a fucking blog, you lazy people, if you are indeed lazy and not just very poor.

(Seriously ... I seem to have liked women better than men ... not a surprise, really, because women are nicer and when they are growing up they are only utter bastards to their immediate family. Such is the way of the world.)

In other news:

We seem to have escaped death.

I now realise that I should perhaps have opened with that bit of news instead of ranting about images of the forgotten past. Whatever.

There seems to have been a slight problem with the gas and the electricity and all in all things could have gone a bit worse (as in *BOOM* and blackened house worse) but it didn't, so, you know, YAY!

We are now looking forward to having some work done in the kitchen and we are confident that we will not make like a suicide (p)artisan and go *BOOM* in the night.

Life, once again, is good.

In addition: my girlfriend is busy fitting a nice backpatch to my new coat. So there. Thanks.

[edit]: She, and the coat, are done!

I actually wore her coat to work this morning, which is totally possible, because they're totally the same, except, of course, some minor details ... I may have to upload pictures just to show what kind of art my girlfriend made of it.

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