Wow ...

... it's been a while ...

Yesterday was fun. Up to a point, of course. Me dad an' me we went to Deventer to visit the annual bookfair there. Seven kilometers of book throughtout the city. Was a load of fun and we bought some stuff, naturally. I'm pleased to inform you that the Suske&Wiske collection of my girlfriend is finally complete so far as the regular numbers are concerned. And there was much rejoicing. I'd recommend going there if you have the time and the opportunity ... and can read dutch.


Following the events of the day I slumped into a migraine headache so that was a bit less but I got nursed through that in splendid form by my girlfriend. I ruined her plans nicely, so, I'm sorry, darling. But, you know ... I'd have done it differently given the choice.

At this point in time there are several puppets from the Fabeltjeskrant waiting for me. I just like to throw that out there, you know. I don't expect anyone to really gt why that is so much fun to me ...

On another note: whilst waiting here, at work, for something interesting to happen ... which it invariably won't (of course, now that I've typed that, I've jinxed it, so interesting things WILL happen ... unless I've just jinxed that ...) I was cruising YouTube in search of music to annoy people with. And, in so doing I stumbled upon this little gem:


I'd suggest you have a look. It's Katty Melua singing along with the Pogues on 'Fairytale of New York'. several things: Shane McGowan is dead. Nobody told him, however. This mistake must be rectified before he becomes even a bigger parody of himself. Beware of too much alcohol, people. Before you know it you too will be killing of all your old triumphs. Then, there is Miss Melua. This song asks for someone who can sing with real spite and venom and anger and, you know ... that 'Nine Million Bicycles' voice is just too damn sweet. If Miss Melua ever said 'fuck' she'd probably be rinsing out her own mouth with gasoline. At least that's the image she puts forth. Too wholesome. All in all this clip is nefarious in nature and should have remained locked in the vaults. That the audience is cheering this only convinces me of the fact that all audiences are per definition as stupid as its most stupid member and in this case, George W. Bush must have been present.

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