Boudisque ...

... is ceasing to exsist in Amsterdam.

They do it with style, though. They've been cutting their prices to a ridiculous level to ensure there will be nothing left when the store finally closes at the end of this week. That's the nice bit.

The not so nice bit is that the store is CLOSING. I liked that store. Sure, it did not always have all the things you might want simply because there wasn't enough room but it did carry an awful lot and the people who were employed there did know stuff. They are obvious music lovers. Scruffy, smoking, but knowledgable.

Now, if I want something obscure or very, very metal I have to rely on some other store that employs some pimply adolescent who always look strangely offended if you do not buy the latest and greatest HIM CD. Or, gasp, Tokyo Hotel. they're usually a bunch of wankers at FAME. Let's be honest.

So, I may have to go back to Boudisque Amsterdam one more time. Just for old time's sake. And for the thirty percent off.

In other news: it snowed all day yesterday, so I figured it'd be awesome to deck out one of our plants in a christmassy vein and place a gift under it for my lovey. She appreciated it. Snow's fun. Blizzards too. If you happen to look out on it from inside a warm building. the view from the sixth floor was awesome yesterday.


Daenerys said...

I never go to Fame. And I am not even into obscure music or metal. I just do not like the atmosphere at all. I do visit a few nice FRS that occasionally have nice staff. Boudisque is great, but unfortunately... not for me. :( But it's always sad when stores like that have to close.

Anonymous said...

And you can wait for it: more stores are about to close. The amount of music shops in Amsterdam has dropped tremendously.

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Anonymous said...

Well, that was bloody useful.