In ...

... in recent times this blog has slowed a bit. That has a number of reasons. The more significant one was that my dear old dad is in the hospital. We were sort of anxious. We still are, actually, although the news was yesterday that he was doing a wee bit better. It was all ... ugly and stuff. With inflamations and fluid build-ups and kidneys and other doctor-y stuff which hardly ever manages to stick in my brain especially when it concerns my family. Weird. You'd think I'd remember stuff. Anyway. There seems to be some progress. Which is a good thing, you know. In general. As long as it doesn't lead to an increase in the CO2 footprint. Or something.


At work. Personally, I think that I'm doing too little. I want MORE. More WORK, that is.

I must be mad, right?

Anyway. My boss just staggered in here looking like death warmed over. I wanted to ask him just how strong the lonely biker really is (dutch pun) but it somehow seemed ... unwise.

I'll try to find something to do now. Might be a long search. Send a rescue party out after me if I'm back in five minutes.

I also noted that I use the word 'anyway' a lot. Might be a freudian thing. You know ... Any way?


Daenerys said...

Sterkte met je vader.

About work: You ARE mad! But.. I also asked for more work recently. It just feels.. wrong not to do more than I am doing. Knowing I can do more. I feel guilty at taking the money for just my presence at my desk. You know?

Anonymous said...

Totally. Just siting there is sinful. What's even worse, time does not fly when you're idle. Happily enough, though, there's the internet ...