Blue ...

... belt.

Since yesterday. In karate.

I hate exams. Soit. This one ... well I had a major fuck-up (truly awesome in nature) in the middle because I let myself be guided by someone in my vicinity which threw me for a major loop. Other than that I was quite pleased, actually. I feel slightly lighter for having it behind me. Even though the dressingroom smelled like piss like you wouldn't believe.

We did the exam with three people. The guy that distracted me failed. Kind of sad. mainly because there were ... circumstances. Evenso ... it has been done.

Now I don't want to do kata for a while.

I feel happy because of the blue belt. It's nice. Tingly, even ...

In other news: bastard bunny is still unwilling to acknowledge me as its lord and master. He usually leaves in a huff when I try to reason with it. Ifeel ... slightly ignored. I seem to be unable to impress upon the bunny that I'm a benevolent bunny ruler.

Great line for a t-shirt, that.

Benevolent Bunny Ruler.

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