As ...

... of yesterday I am allowed to wear a blue belt to aikido! Yay! Although, tecnically, we don't actually wear any colour belt other than white. But I've got a virtual blue belt with me! And my girlfriend a virtual green one! Yay! 't was a good exam. It was nice. I have reached my goal for this sport's year and I'm ready for a break.

In other news: saturday I again met up with those loverly people from 5+Day. Linky is floating about here somewhere ... And them's nice people. You get to meet them, have fun at the expence of Rotterdam, get to see Lucy and Spike, get to see how awesomely in love they are, get to tease everyone, get to see how funny it is how people who know each other online for years are sometimes just so lost for words and then you get to go home.

It was weird, really. Short and sweet.

Plus, and in my own domain I can just say it. Lucy has an awesome rack.


Daenerys said...

Even I have to agree tha to a guy's eye Lucy most certainly had an impressive outer package. However, as a girl, I can also say that it is accompanied by a sweet, yet strong, personality. And that, after all, is what counts, Beo. :P

Five said...

Less talking, more drinking.

Gavin. said...

I would never say something about the package without taking the interior under consideration. And I feel it must by now be know to all involved that I hold Lucy's wit, charm and intelligence in high regard.

And, you know, now some other stuff too.