Goshdarnit ...

... bunnies are fickle.

Our newest member of the knibbel-knabbel-knuisje family is another one. He doesn't like us very much when he's in his cage. But he LOVES us when he's out. Mainly because he then finds himself in a position that he is unaccustomed to and finds us the only stabilising factor. So, he lets us fidget with him and do his nails and comb him (no ... no make-up) but the minute he's back in his cage ... he's off.

Pretentious bastard.

Yeah. We like him. Eventhough working for him is not very profitable.

Anyway. Today, work. Another wonderful day at the office where slowly, bit by bit, your creativity is drained and your energy is used to discuss whether a certain subject should be allocated to BAC .07.354 or .07.125. This being the difference between talking about the building or more in general the housing of the service. I'm yawning as I write. To compound matters, like compound fractures, today is our scheduled conference day, so I'll have to sit up for about 1 hour and a half, pretend to care, figuring out new methods of staying awake.

And all this for money.

Recently the question was posed to me, again, because it's not very original, would you quit your job if you suddenly had millions? You see ... not very original. The answer I would give is a resounding 'YES'. People will always tell you that you'll get bored and that you should take on a job just to keep your social skills up to code but really, if you're rich, you can do almost anything as long as it's not TOO illegal, thus, boredom would be only there at the end of your imagination. Plus, you'll never be alone again (against loneliness there is no guarantee but there never is whatever the state of your wallet) so those social skills will stay sharpened and ready to use. And if you do do something insanely stupid on a social scale ... who cares? You're rich! People will see you as ... eccentric. And eccentricity will always be forgiven. Plus, it's waaaaaay easier to do something useful for the world. Which is nice. I could start a bunny shelter. Have people work full time with bunnies. Have other people get ignored by them on a daily basis ...

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