I think I finally figured out why the jews never could have killed Jesus: they wouldn't have put I.N.R.I above his head but: For Sale, one slightly used would-be Messiah, with care and prayer ready for a second life.

The notion that all the jews somehow managed to kill 'our Lord' is fairly grievious anyway ... my dad wasn't even born, then. Or my mum.

I never quite got that. I thought crucifiction was a roman thing. So if you are going to hate anyone for that ... hate an Italian. And since most of those are catholic it gets to be nicely self referential.

What is Google Ads going to give me now?


Daenerys said...

rofl (seriously)

"Choosing a religion.
Which religion should I choose to believe in?"

Big brother is kicking in, Beo.

Anonymous said...

Right now .. it's referencing BUNNIES!!!