Here's ...

... another thing you shouldn't do, ever. Go to sleep, on the couch, wake up, see that it's 6-ish and there isn't any food in the house, decide to go shopping, put on your winterclothes and your ipod and with a half-sleepy head press play and then, crucially, increase the volume, you know ... mindlessly.

At least, I shouldn't do that.


Because the iPod continued to play the thing I had selected last: Kampfar. Now, I like Kampfar, but it's probably best if it's not to the first thing one hears post slumber. Fuck, but that hurt. I had to slowly work back up to that via Chet Baker and Marillion.

Superbowl sunday today. I think the Steelers will win. I hope that the Steelers win. Mainly because the opposing quarterback is a religious nut who takes his bible everywhere. I discussed sports and faith before, right? Let's just not go there. I'm curious as hell to see how it will all turn out. It will be great. It'll be fun. I hope Kurt Warner loses.

First though, I have to beat someone up. He asked for it. Literally. So ... my sunday is fixed. How about yours?

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Daenerys said...

It was cold. Want me to mention sex one more time, to rid your google ads about reli...? No, I wont mention that word. Bunnies! Yes, maybe that will spark some unusual but better google ads. Aren't bunnies fun?