Last ...

... monday I finally got around to attending a karate class. First time in ages due to injury and other stuff, mainly the opportunity to go nuts with luxury shopping and my girlfriend in Amsterdam. HoHum. Anyway, monday: Jerry Smit was there. He's good at what he does, impressively so. His lesson was very interesting. Honestly, if he taught anywhere near here I'd probably go see whether he has an opening for another student ... but there is one niggling little detail.

He looks like this:


So, during his whole lesson I was distracted by thoughts about the Mummy Returns. I giggled. A lot. Got some funny looks ... I still managed to get out of there without saying things like: ... Ankh-Soon A'Moon!!

But it was a close call.

Also: New widget! Somewhere .... there ===>

Well ... a little higher, actually.

Currently I'm just taking it out for a spin. I'm kinda disappointed that itdoesn't play complete songs but that would probably have been a nightmare of humongous proportions. Oh well ...

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