It is once again ...

... that time of the year when my girlfriend had her birthday. This was nice. We had fun. We learned interesting new things. We were pleased. We congratulated Suus. We do that here, again: congratulations!

It's going to be a mess of a few weeks with the placing of a new kitchen and a whole heap of festivities, parties and stuff going on. Seriously, why have all those people decided that they wanted to know people who all sort of have the same area of birthday effect? It's a mess.

My girlfriend, at least to my mind, sort of leads the charge. She's first in a long line of happy birthdays. Which means that yesterday was still fun and that we're approaching the foothills of a very busy alpine section.

Oh well. We will survive, again.

Also, Kamiel has a girlfriend.

Yay! We are happy for him!

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