My house ...

... is a fucking mess.

Well, that might be overstating it, actually. Again: my house might be a mess. However, that is currently hard to say because the boxes containing our new kitchen are in the way of actuallyy seeing what is there. It's a little disturbing to me. The whole living room has been transformed in an oddly cardboard coloured maze.

Luckily some burly men who are good with hammers will come tomorrow and install the fucking thing so that live can return to a shade of normal again. That would be most appreciated.

For today though, it will be a weird walk towards the 'kitchen' 'area' of the house.

As a result of all of this though the bunny, which usually resides somewhere in the neighbourhood of the kitchen has had to move house to the attic. And seeing as she is indeed a spirited girl, known to attack your fingers if you annoy her overly much, this has not been met with a load of joy on her part. She's been grumpy a little, a lot. Which is sad.

The other spirited girl with whom I live is, contrary to my expectations completely calm under the ordeal. She seems to reason that there is nothing she can do about the mess because there just isn't room, which is true. I just hadn't expected that to be a reason to relax, as such.

It's a weird world ...

Also: just thought of Kamiel's girlfriend's Jedi name.



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