... that's done, sort of.

The kitchen is installed, the ruins mess that was my garden has again been rendered, if my girlfriend is to be believed, and I generally make it policy to believe her, in its former exquisite glory. The kitchen is nice. If you wack one of those drawers shut it slides nearly all the way in and then slows down until it gently shuts, quietly.

It's so amazingly cool, it's unbelieveable.

There are a few things that need to be done, still, but I'm sure they'll get done: electricity. Tiles. Of these two the tiles are the more problematic, strangely enough. I and my better 3/4 seem to have forgotten about the need for them so now we are faced with the need to sort of figure out a way to find a colour thing, scheme, whatever, that might fit in between the counter and the cubboards without clashing violently.

The problems one can face in suburbia. Really, if I get anymore normal I might have to take up beerdrinking and soccer. Abandon all hope ...

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