Update ...

... about sundry things including Fido.

So. The kid is doing fine. That's basically it, really. The tests performed around this mark all came back excellent, as we anticipated, so, you know, GREAT!!

Imagine getting less than stelar results. You have to feel for those people ...

My house is still a sty. Luckily there are things being done during my abcense which help to create ordo ab chao, or something. The walls are done. The floor is being done. The heaters are being re-installed. All good.

Now, however, there are plans floating about to return to the upper floors and remod them. You know, so the kid might actually have a room to sleep in that doesn't look like total and utter shyte. Which, you know, means that we'll spend a few good months in an improvised living situation. Improvised living. It's like camping. Only with the added insult of it being in your own house.

Oh, and: sorry neighbours for the early, EARLY morning vacuuming. It sucked. Sorry. No pun intended.

And I'm reading the Twilight series. Hope to talk about it as soon as my girlfriend has read them as well. I bought them for her, actually, for Valentine's. Aren't I the bestest? In the mean time, enjoy some Twilight inspired tattoos:


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