Yesterday ...

... it snowed. And it was cold.

This should not come as a surprise, considering the winter we're having, but still. Now, the day before that I was lying in a bath, soaking, watching Dexter. And in Dexter somebody was playing 'kind Of Blue' by Miles Davis. At least I think it was and it inspired me to play that album on the iPod the next day, i.e. the snow day, on the platform at the trainstation. And it was perfect. Absolutely the right choice for that time (too late for my job) and those circumstances (snow and cold but spring around the corner).

And all of this got me thinking. I think I try to hard to get into some music. You know, really try to force a liking for, in this instance, Jazz, because it's so nice and it looks good and it's nicely pretentious, when actually I should just relax and wait until it's just the right time to listen to an album. Get the timing right and the pay-off (if you can call it that) is so much bigger and better. Also, I shouldn't feel guilty for not listening to all the stuff on the iPod. I'm sure that when the timing is right the album will still be there.

So, that was what I was thinking, when it was cold and snowy and I was on a platform of a trainstation.

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