Anyway ...

That's cleared up, I'd say. It's from this blog: http://thisisindexed.com/ It's pretty fucking funny.

Maybe I should take the time to make clear that I'm actually quite happy that my girl teaches where she teaches. Yesterday was the 11 year aniversary of the Columbine Highschool shooting which, for so far as I can tell and judge (from a huge distance so inaccuracies I will readily acknowledge) happened because people, parents, students, teachers, did not recognise that one of the shooters was a psychopath (not easily recognised, I'm sure) and the other one was extremely depressed and death obsessed.

Now, I know that the first is hard to identify but I'm sure that the second would be noticed in a school where everyone knows everyone. Whatever else they do wrong in Bergen (and they do do stuff wrong, lemme tell ya) they got this aspect pretty much down to a science.

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