So ...

... now we know. It is to be a boy. We're going to have a son.

Apparently I was slightly nervous for this echo/scan/thing because afterwards I sort of slumbed a bit. we had to deliver the news to some grandparents but I wasn't really into it. A bit grouchy and tired and headachy. You see, they chack a lot of things at the 20 week mark and obviously I thought it way more exciting than I thought, if that sentence makes any sort of sense, ever.

Everything is fine. Size and the presence of certain key elements of the human body are checked and this all was great!

I sort of figured it was a girl and in previous weeks I had sort of convinced my girlfriend that it would be a girl and we had a perfect name for a girl ... so we had a little backtracking and rethinking to do, but ultimately I came to the conclusion that it doesn't really matter all that much. It's a healthy kid and this is great. Everything else ... pfffft. What ev's.


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