... awesome. I made so many errors trying to get into my own Blog that it took me twenty minutes to get here. Let's just await the torrent of typos sure to follow.

Monday! Ow! Monday was goooood!

We went to see a movie, a nice movie, a belgian mvie and yet, astonishingly enough, a nice movie! We didn't know beforehand that it was a belgian movie because it was Mystery Movie Night in Schagen but as it turned out we were pleased and delighted to hang out on extremely lazy seats and enjoy the movie and each other and stuff. Plus, in the brak I went to get something to drink for us and as it turns out the upstairs bar was open which meant none of the crowd but immediate service and also they sell whiskey there which was an opportunity that could not under any circumstance be missed at all. So the second half of the movie went by extremely relaxed. Not that it was a hassle in the first half, mind ...

I cleverly neglected to actually mention the movie when I pressed the 'publish' button. Isn't that nice? You try to give someone a positive write-up and you forget that tiny though rather significant tit-bit.

The movie is:

Dossier K. There you go.

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