My, my, my ...

... where has the time gone.

It's been a while since I wrote stuff and let's just say: I blame Santa. And next year I'll get him for it.

We had a fun time during christmas. Diner with Kamiel on the first day, books all around, a nice meal with scotch, silly fun with christmas crackers and then: The Sound Of Music. Really odd thing: Kamiel had never seen the thing in its entirety. Huh. Living in a western country and never having seen The Sound Of Music ... I'd have expected that to be some sort of crime, really.

All in all I think dinner was great and this is something I want to continue doing for a load of christmasses to come. Because it's fun. You haven't had christmas until you've had four paper hats on your head at the same time. I will endeavour to make desert something nice to look at as well, though, next year.

Second day we were at Susie's mum's place. Again fun and games ensued. And dinner, naturally. I finally encountered a Wii-console and it's sort of nice. But I suck at tennis. I do not suck at 'picture this' which is another sort of game all together ... and I think we won. Though I'm not sure and perfectly willling to cede victory to any interested party.

After this ... there was one work day for me in a deserted DMB.

A lot of closed doors. Which was good. Because there was some mail left over from days past. So, I got to do that. I'm looking forward to more of that next time I'm there ... which will be the 2nd of january. Joy!

Whilst I was at work, though, Suus was entertaining my nephew, Nathaniel. Sweet kid. There were potatoes. There were movies. There is playmobil.

Then, the next day ... we traded that one in for another nephew, Matz. Sweet kid. There was playmobil. A lot of it. And trust me: you haven't slept under duress until you've had someone sing a mangled version of Oh, Denneboom at you at 5:30 in the morning. Awesome. Never again.

He was very sweet even when we took him to Aikido and he had to be relatively quiet for an hour nd a half. Unfortunately from there on out my day soured a bit (and consequently the day of all my beloveds) when I fell victim to a rather hefty migraine. Which was a shame because in the evening there was bowling planned and, though, I'm not a big fan of trying to walk in someone else's shoes (though the Depeche Mode song is kinda cool (on Songs of faith and devotion) ... I'd have liked to join. But alas I had pain. Or was stoned in the shower. Or asleep. Or a combination of all three.

Which brings us to now.

Today we shall undertake some sporting activity yet again, when we assail the torture chambers of Randers/De Geus by doing ... fitness. Which is something I have done a grand total of once. So, em-bare-ass-ment will be my goal and my target. Whether I try for it or not. We shall be three. Francisco has kindly offered to leave us all in the dust of his personal programme so: yippie! Honestly that man is a lunatic. But a huggable one.

Should be fun.

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