So ... the birthday celebrations have come and gone and I'm one year older officially. Still waiting to become wiser but there you go. Can't have everything.

I got treated to drinks and dinner by two lovely ladies on the 30th and that was loads of fun. And on the 1st everyone and their pets came over to hug and kiss and eat and drink and it was awesome. I ... was happy.

Also: booze.

Anyway. My girlfriend has given me the gift of wrestling with eagles and we appreciate it. Toying with the big birds is, well, fun. As long as they don't take away important elements of ones' physique ... as soon as we've been and know what's what we'll let the world know. Provided, of course, I can still type.

All in all pretty good fun! I'd recommend it to anyone this birthday thing. You get to see people, talk to them and stuff.

On a side note: congrats to Francisco's little fighting men (Marco, Vincent) and woman (liesbeth) for being awesome and scoring a first, second and third place for their trainer. Now, I know he's the only one who actually knows about this blog so I can savely state that they would all be utter shyte without your help, dude.


Even Marco.

I mean: Vincent won something. You know, other than the "Too many knees will kill you competition"-in coördination akwardness. Really impressive. And slightly unexpected.

So, you must be doing something right!

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