So ...

... at work.

It was a most interesting day, work-wise, as it is the first day that I have had to create and send the announcements of impending doom or, you know, other stuff, like waterreleases and stuff on my own. Without the aid of a blonde girl. She's sorely missed. Mostly because now I have to act responsible and all that malarcky.

Yesterday I had a nice karate training. I was lowest in rank, a low green belt. then came a blue, then a brown and then four black belts. Needless to say the trainer took the opportunity (few students and a lot of high ranked people) to really dig into some difficult stuff. The bunkai of pinan godan. ... the application of one of the forms. That might be clearer. All in all quite a nice lesson, though difficult.

But having auntie Tineke there always helps. She's nice.

Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3i8unA3hBdU

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