To ...

... whom it may concern: I'm fine. I've just forgotten my phone! It's on the table, somewhere. Nothing wrong. Just, you know, forgotten. I'm defencelss. I'm ... alone ...

When did we become a race of gerbils, ladies and gentlemen, chattering away on our mobies? When did it become de rigeur to be able to reach someone, anywhere, any time? I bought mine, years ago, to be able to be in easy reach if my grandmother took a turn for the worse and after that issue was resolved I was sort of stuck with it and everyone's expectations. I still feel uncomfortable using it to call in public. Must be a generation gap there ... I do like SMS, though. The high-tech equivalent of smoke-signals or two cans and a bit of wire. Modern morse code. That's sort of fun. Oh well ...

I'l probably curse myself if it turns out that the trains are delayed and I'm unable to call my girl.

Often when I see two people talking on their phones I imagine them calling each other. It's a persistent image, bollocks at best, but it's entertaining, somehow. And maybe a bit sad.

But I'm fine.

The christmas gifts of the DMB have been passed out today. And I, as hired hand, here already for 6 months (does time fly or what?), was not deemed worthy enough to receive one. I'm at peace with that, they probably need the budget but it's striking. And bad public relations. I know I have no need of one, certainly since I've seen the contents of the box but I notice that to my mind it emphasizes the outsider position I hold and I seem to care a little less about my duties, today.

Fortunately my true employers have not forgotten me ... they do love me! Ha!

Another thing that strikes me is that people are rather graceless in accepting the things bestowed upon them by their grateful employers. It's never good enough. Oh, LeSigh. It's disheartening to listen to.

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