At ...

... work!

Sort of.

Anyway. I just got funnily threatened by a 50 something colleague of mine, in Amsterdam-speak. It was ... weird.

I wanted to make mention of the fact that I think that music today is so safe and harmless. But then I posted it on FiveAndDae and I can't be arsed right now to re-type the thing besides the obvious statement: where has the riot gone? It's all so ... flat these days. And nice. And safe. In ancient times (yes, before the invention of the CD!) there at least were things that caused a stirr. And today popular music is a lot like the dutch landscape: incredibly flat. With the occassional windmill. And some cows.

Thank god for metal. At least that manages to kick some ass. Even if no one gets excited about it anymore and starts calling it the devil's music. Which always makes me laugh, a little.

Tipper Gore, by the way, is a BITCH.

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