So ...

... grabbing some down time.

It's fairly lively working here, now, and this is good. One musn't be too bored. Especially since it seems I shall be participating in training my replacement somewhere next month.

Oh joy.

I had hoped to skip that. Unfortunately there seems to be no skipping it. When will people realize that if I wanted to teach people stuff I would have become a teacher. Seriously. It's in the name, even: teach ... teacher. Teach ... er. Me ... NOT teach ... er.

How hard can it be, I wonder.

Last friday I had the ... pleasure ... to be crunched up once again by a chiropractor. Interesting experience, as always, because there's a strange man manipulating your body in ways I do not even expect from my girlfriend, you know, when we're 'intimate' (=fucking like rabbits). Squeemishness on that subject aside, it seems that I have been using my feet not so much as was intended by evolution but rather as flippers. In other words, I should walk and sit with my feet more forward. And I should stand more 'dynamically'. that was a bit of a puzzle to be honest: stand ... dynamically. I'm still not completely sure what that entails but I'm ensured that it's all for the good of Gavinkind and as such I'll happily sail along on the waves of undulating limbs, that is my body, in the hands of a very tall, very thin chiropractor.

All this, by the way, in order for me to have more relaxed muscles. Apparently mine are a bit too tense. Not exactly news, because I have been hearing that for ... I don't know, 15 years or something. But now we're doing something about it.

In short: I need to chill.

I can do that. I'm so cool, you can keep a side of beef fresh in me for 15 days. I think at least that that was the quote.

Yesterday was fun too, with a minor migraine, most likely due to the fact that my limbs had been ransacked by the aforementioned chirocracker. ANyway. Spent a good deal of the time drugged and weird. Unfortunately i was sort of unable to help my girlfriend adequately with her issues at work. I did come up with one solution: name her Queen Of School. That way she can make a decision and yell 'of with thier heads' if people misbehave. Sort of the job of her boss, but since he's not doing it, or rather: doing it stupidly, I really see no other way than to name Suus Queen Of Hearts And School. Enemies Of The Suus Beware: The Secret Chamber Has Been Opened. Be nice or be attacked by angry golden retriever pups.

Or something.

We could transform her school into Hogwarts and let a few people disappear during Quidditch!

I also got my girl to take mugshots of the bastards in her class. Just to make my life easier: if now she talks about someone I can see precisely which little brat she's referencing. It will help com-mu-ni-ca-tion between us, since i suck at remembering names and really rarely forget a face. Plus, when they've all growed up and are, like, 18 or so we can look back on these pictures and be nostalgic about them. We can say stuff like: 'remember when Zeeger didn't know the meaning of the word 'sex'?'

Looking forward to those days.

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