I ...

... just received an e-mail. In and of itself, not such a special occurance. However, this was directed at the whole department where I work. It laid out some nice ideas to help us reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses we produce.

In this message, in all seriousness, was this:

Eat meat replacements in stead of meat.
Drink soy milk in stead of cow milk.
Stop eating beans.

Apparently I'm not allowed to fart because of the environment. Now, I like the environment. But I do not like to be told what to eat. And soy milk is just the other side of totally undrinkable anyway. Besides ... what havoc would all of us actually doing what he suggests cause?

As Dae pointed out, my wishlist for this year was sunk rather rappidly. I saw 'em all, even some I had forgotten about. Also, my girlfriend took a fiendish delight in showing me all their ruddy faces on day 1 of the new year so that tanked.

AND there's a new show in which they're going to search for a replacement uri Gellar. As if the first one was used up, already.



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