Couple ...

... of things.

Is it me or do other people always have better luck than I?

I ran across an ex-colleague of mine. We used to work at the same supermarket. Yeah. I know. However, she was nice. And now she has a bachelor in criminology and a masters in sociology. Good on her, I'd say. But it feels a little ... yukkie that I am in administration. Still. Especially on a day I got chewed out over some mistake I made.

Ah well.

It could have been worse. I could have been in training to join the policeforce.

I was in a train today with a couple of ... idiots who were discussing the relative breast size of all the women in their class. And then they went on to discuss pre-emptive searching for weapons and the sections of the law applicable in those circumstances. One: this has me worried. Two: no small wonder people do not instinctively trust policemen if they're such pubescent children. Children with guns, pepperspray and handcuffs.

Again: I'm worried.

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