... we have returned. We have learned much about the nature of humanity and its need for seclusion in a swimming paradise. And we are the better for it.

Our holiday in Drente was a succes, as such things go. We locked ourselves up and we swam and we read and we saw movies. And that was all for five days. Lovely. I hope that we are recharged again. Based on current evidence I'd say 'no' however, seeing as both my girl and myself are currently feeling slightly under the weather. Probably something we picked up in the wild water rapids or something. It seems I always bring a bug back from holidays like this. Last time it was a skin eating bacteria.

I think, in retrospect, that I'm lucky, this time around.

It was fun. It does, after a week, become enough, however. The food is mediocre. The surroundings are usually loud. Many people I do not like frequent these places.

But the secluded things are good. And the swimming.

This morning I went into the bath to try to get rid of that damnable chlorine smell from my skin, hence I missed an aikido lesson. I did go to JuJitsu. There I got suitably impressed by Marco and Rene whose skills seem only to have grown. Much to my green-faced envy. Their demonstration did clarify something, however: there are two sorts of techniques they do. One: the ones that make me giggle. these are highly impractical from a self-defence point of view, acrobatic, over-the-top, yet excellently executed. It looks showy and they are. The second are much more interesting but I think that many people miss the excitement in them. These make my jaw hit the floor. Something like an outstretched arm hitting the jaw of an attacker at JUST the right moment in the attacker's downward strike. This requires an amazing amount of timing and is truly ... well, good.

You know.

So, that was good.

Anyway. Soon there will be work again and all this holiday stuff will fade into the background. That is the way of it. But it was fun ...

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