While ...

... I'm supposed to be at work I'm, you know, NOT.

I'm ill. Picked up a bug in the pool, I suspect. Just like last time. Only last time it was a nice flesh-eating bacteria. So, you know, I feel lucky. Yesterday added a nice, lovely, migraine attack.

But ...

I got new medicine! Finally, we have reached the opiate state! Yes! It only took something like 10 years of experimenting with bloodthinners, muscle-relaxants and other children's aspirines to get me somewhere comfy, snug, warm and, most importantly, woolly.

Unlucky enough, no hallucinations. But seriously foggy, hell yes. I love drugs. Finally something that works ...

My girlfriend is still sick.

Wait, I never wrote that down. She's sick too. Some bug. Unfortunately, she's not allowed to be sick. The trouble with being indispensable is ... that you are. So, due to some hefty circumstances she's sort of working, poor girl.

That's what you get when you're good at your job. She's impressive, though.

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