Life ...

... can be fascinating, can't it?

I got an e-mail from a former colleague of mine. She still works at that company and it's going to hell in a handbasket so we feel sorry for her. And we're glad we had to leave. However, that does not by a long stretch mean to imply that all things are great were I am at. I finally have confirmation that my dearest colleague is now leaving this room and is going to seek her riches elsewhere. This sort of leaves me holding the short end of the stick as I'll now have all the responsibilities and none of the deeper knowledge needed. An interesting form of screwed, I'd say. Death by promotion. Oh, LeSigh(tm).


This room is sort of void of other people now, so I have turned it into a YouTube day today. Whilst I'm working I get to play DJ to an audience consisting of, well, me. However, that does not make Skyclad, Cruachan, Kampfar, FinnTroll, Korpiklaani and some other bands sound any worse. I'd suggest checking them out. Broaden your horizons. If need be with a pickaxe.

Yesterday, there was this girl in the subway. She had a single star tattooed behind her right ear. This has made me wonder: was there one behind the other one as well? (I hope not, because symetry in this instance would be ugly) and what in the world would persuade one to get a single star tattooed behind your ear?

... oh, well.


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